BlobCity DB joins Hacktoberfest 2019

BlobCity DB is proud to join Hacktoberfest. We are here to help you contribute into our next generation database, with an opportunity to forever change the way enterprises store and process their data.

If you have never contributed to an open source project, but would like to contribute, then Hacktoberfest is the best time of the year to start your open source journey.

What is Hacktoberfest?

It is a month long celebration of open source, celebrated in the month of October. Hacking + October + Fest = Hacktoberfest.

During Hacktoberfest, open source project maintainers, guide first time contributors to start contributing in their respective repositories. Guidance includes offering understanding of an open source project, and helping with Github Pull Requests and helping abide by the best practices of the repository. In return, the contributor stands a chance to win some limited edition Hacktoberfest T-Shits from the organisers of the fest, which is DigitalOcean and Dev.

What is BlobCity DB

BlobCity DB is a blazing fast open source NoSQL database. It is commonly used as a Data Lake solution. We call it a database as it is more of a database than a Data Lake, but can pretty much do anything a Data Lake does. BlobCity DB specialises in storing 17 formats of data. It is ACID compliant, supports SQL, offers Java & Scala based stored procedures and allows storing of data on disk and in-memory.

How to Participate

First register on Hacktoberfest, choose an open source project, choose an open issue from within the open source project, solve the issue and submit your code in the form of a pull request. If the maintainer of the repository accepts your pull requests, you will have a qualified entry into the contest. A pull request being accepted is not important, but it should not be marked as inappropriate by the repository maintainer.

1. Register on Hacktoberfest

Register on Hacktoberfest with your Github account. If you don’t have a Github account, you can make one for free. Setup your Github profile, so that repository maintainers can know your background when you send them a pull request.


2. Choose an Issue

You can choose an open issue from BlobCity DB and start working on it. We have issues specially marked for Hacktoberfest. You may choose issues from any other open source project too.


3. Connect with us

We are happy to help in getting you started. Join our Slack community and ask us anything on Hacktoberfest & BlobCity DB.


4. Fork the repository

Once you have decided you want to solve a particular issue, fork the repository on Github.

5. Resolve & Send Pull Request

Now you can choose an issue of your choice, and work on it. Test your new code, and commit it to your fork once your are done. You can now submit your work by generating a pull requests from your fork to the main repository. Now hope that the maintainer of the repository likes your work and accepts your pull request. Remember, it is not necessary for your pull request to be merged for you to have a qualified entry in Hacktoberfest.

That’s how simple it is. Choose your open source project and start contributing today. It’s time to give back to the open source we all love 🙂