What Marvel earned from 22 superhero films

Marvel has launched 22 Superhero films since 2008, with Avengers Endgame being the last of them all. But how much did Marvel spend in making them and how much did they earn from it?

Marvel had a total production budget of around US $4.5 billion for all the 22 movies combined with the largest production budget of $316M – $400M for Avengers: Infinity War. The Avengers: End Game had slightly lesser production budget than its prequel, but has earned much more in the box office than any of the last 22 Marvel films. If the numbers have it right, they made upwards of $20 billion in box office collections, making them a profit of at least $15.5 billion!

We did analyse the data further to identify the most profitable superhero. We took single superhero films and compared their average profits against each other. Computing the total profit was unfair as Spiderman would take the win as they have 9 movies on the character.

Guardians of the Galaxy, considered as a single super-hero group, has made Marvel an average profit of $818.53M which is the highest across all independent super-hero films. However Guardians of the Galaxy is not exactly a single super-hero. From amongst solo super-hero movies, Iron Man tops the charts with $807.97M average profit per film.

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