BlobCity joins Docker Certification Program

An enterprise class multi-model and real-time analytics database can now be powered up right out of Docker containers.

India, 03 March 2017 – BlobCity is pleased to announce the availability of BlobCity DB Enterprise on the Docker Store. Today BlobCity DB has become the technology backbone chosen by many companies for their real-time analytics requirements. The enterprise license provides organisations of all sizes with access to a powerful, scalable and reliable database technology.

“We would like to congratulate BlobCity on their acceptance of the BlobCity DB into the Docker Certification  Program,” said Marianna Tessel, EVP, Strategic Development. “Enterprise IT teams are looking to Docker to provide recommendations and assurances on the ecosystem of container content, infrastructure and extensions. BlobCity’s inclusion into the program indicates that BlobCity DB, a real-time analytics database has been tested and verified by Docker, confirming for customers that BlobCity DB container images have been evaluated for security and are supported and built according to best practices.” 

About BlobCity

BlobCity is a multi-model real-time analytics database. It removes database as a concern from application architectures. It not only processes stored data at high speeds but also processes data in motion during on-going transactions.

Complete In-memory & On-disk storage engines

BlobCity DB offers dual storage methods, one in-memory and the second on-disk. Querying across data in-memory and on-disk has never been this easy. Dual storage allows you to split data between disk and memory data stores. This approach significantly improve cross query capabilities without a strain on the backend infrastructure budgets.

Hybrid Transactional / Analytical Processing

BlobCity DB can be used as a sole database backend to perform both online transaction processing and online analytical processing for the purpose of real-time operational intelligence processing.


BlobCity DB is available on Docker Store offering a full enterprise edition license. 1 month free trial available. Trial also comes with standard enterprise support. 

For more information on BlobCity DB, visit https://blobcity.com or visit BlobCity DB at the Docker Store – http://store.docker.com

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