5 reasons why AI will not cost you your job

We have seen automation take up a lot of jobs, and AI is one of the biggest automation created by mankind.

With AI did mankind create its own killer?

The answer very definitely is a NO. The possibility of AI talking over the world and out smarting humans is very far fetched and unlikely even in the remotest of possibilities. Even if AI was built powerful enough to rule the world, why would the machines want the humans to be extinct or be ruled?

But having said that, AI can make us loose our jobs. How true is that? 

1.  AI is not intelligent enough to build itself

While AI grows to automate some of the human labour jobs, it also creates jobs for humans who will build and maintain the AI system itself. As penetration of AI increases across industries, the jobs to support the penetration also increase. Humans who would do laborious jobs would now have a revised job profile of observing the work of AI or building and improving the AI system itself.

2.  Machines need training data to learn, who produces this?

All of the AI systems need training data to learn. Yes there are unsupervised learning systems, but they are used for very specific requirements that are not widely acceptable for the jobs AI will do. Automation with AI requires a training data set to be fed to the AI system. The AI system will only be ask good as the training data provided. This creates a classic need for having the perfect training data set. Humans are the guinea pigs. They will have to produce all the training data for AI systems to learn. More so producing training data is not a one person affair, but will need thousands of people to do the same thing. This means rather than humans doing the actual laborious task, they will do the task in a controlled and recorded environment. Their movement and actions will be recorded to help machines learns.

3. Our kids will not be unemployed, they will just have different jobs than us

Evolution is inevitable and we have to embrace it. While we are building AI systems and discovering that AI can take over lot of the human jobs. We have to acknowledge that the Generation Z is grown up by seeing these technology advancements. While technology can baffle us, it is a part of life for Generation Z. If we think that the next generation will be out of jobs, that is completely wrong. They will just have different jobs, most of which they will create for themselves. Their jobs will embrace the technology advancements and will be targeted towards solving the problems that technology has not yet solved.

4. We can’t yet travel through solar systems

It is good that AI can take over most of the work we do to keep our world running. This means that humans can now work on solving problems that are not yet solved. We have travelled to the moon and that is just about how far it has ever gotten. A human on mars is still several years away. But what’s worse is travelling to other solar systems in search for life or to explore the expanse of the universe would take another 2-3 generations of research. If we get AI to run our world as we know it, then humans can spend their energies in exploring the rest of the universe out there and building technological disruptions that allow faster travel through solar systems and possibility even teleportation.

5. Humans are intelligent, machines are sudo intelligent

Machines portray intelligence, but humans have intelligence. This why intelligence of machines is called “Artificial” intelligence. We will never let machines take us over. We will just use them to make our lives simpler and help us do things that are not physically possible for humans. So the though of AI taking over our jobs is absolutely ridiculous. AI will do our jobs for us because we want it to do it. And we will want it to do our current jobs only because we found ourselves something better to do instead!

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